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Quality Policy

Zeus recognises that quality is the responsibility of every employee extending from the CEO. It is an obligation of all employees to ensure that all products and services of Zeus and our suppliers meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers/interested parties, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

It is the policy of Zeus to provide its customers with a range of products and services that are accurate, reliable, repeatable, compliant with specification and consistent with their expectations. These, together with timely delivery of products and documentation are central to our operating policy.

It is the policy of Zeus to deal with all customer concerns efficiently and effectively and to act upon these concerns, where possible, to the best of our ability and to the satisfaction of customers.

Zeus supports a culture that values the highest quality performance from every employee and every function with the objective of building in quality. Quality objectives will be established to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and performance against these objectives will be monitored and reviewed by management. Communication of this policy throughout the company and staff training will be a key in the achievement of these objectives.

Zeus is committed to operating with safety as its top priority; in all aspects of operation which includes production, storage and distribution of products. The company will seek to deliver the products in an environmentally sustainable and a socially aware manner.

Zeus is committed to comply with its customer, QMS, and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements in its production, safe and legal storage and distribution of products to its customers.

Zeus aims to support these commitments by implementing a QMS based on the requirements of ISO 9001, BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution. The QMS shall be systematically and periodically assessed for its effectiveness and opportunities for continual improvement.

Quality Certificates and ACCREDITATIONS

Please see a copy of our BRC Storage and Distribution certificate here.

Please see a copy of our ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate here.