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Irelands most sustainable paper-free cup launches

Published date: 11/07/2018 10:10

Zeus and The Happy Pear launch Ireland's most sustainable paper-free cup. The new Tree Free Cup comes with a new collection system to close the packaging loop. Unlike other compostable cups, the Tree Free Cup contains absolutely no paper product, making it the most sustainable single-use cup available in the Irish market. The cups were unveiled yesterday by Stephen and David Flynn of The Happy Pear. The Happy Pear is one of the first national retail brands to use the Tree Free Cup and the Zeus dedicated collection bins across its three cafés in Greystones and Clondalkin.
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Zeus Style meets Mediskin - Partners in business series

Published date: 22/06/2018 14:16

Welcome to the first Zeus Style partners in business series. In this blog series, we will be shining a light on some of the fantastic companies that we supply branded fashion packaging to, while also showing how our partnership works and the story behind how the partnership all started. First off, we visited Mediskin, the multi-award-winning skincare, laser and wellbeing clinic based in Nenagh, Co.Tipperary. The brainchild of Geraldine Byrne, Mediskin, has been enjoying rapid growth in Ireland since opening in 2014. Geraldine leads a team of 10 highly trained staff, and their clients travel from all over the country for treatments. Mediskin provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based and progressive treatments specially tailored to each client's specific needs.
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There is a better way. Treefree Cups.

Published date: 08/06/2018 13:42

About 1 million traditional paper coffee cups per minute go to landfill because of their unsuitability for recycling. In Ireland alone, it is estimated that 2 million single use cups make their way to landfill every day. There must be a better way and we think we've found it.
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