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12Oz The Saile & Sabga Tea Cup

Product Code: SS01
12Oz The Saile & Sabga Tea Cup
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The Saile & Sabga Tea Cup is an ideal to-go beverage solution for. It has a tightly-rolled rim that allows for a mess-free drinking expereicne while on-the-go.

Product Information

The Saile & Sabga Tea Cup is a perfect beverage solution for on-the-go tea ordering. It is functional, relaible and visually appealing product that comes with a tightly-rolled rim to allow for easy slurping and imess-free drinking, and if used with a compatible lid it creates a secure and tight seal to prevent unwanted spills. This cup is an ideal to-go solution that is easy to use and its tapered-sides makes them to save more space to fit the whole stack easily into the convenient cup dispenser.
  • Colour: PRINTED
  • Capacity Oz: 12
  • Material: PAPER