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Silage Sheets

Did you know that a poor quality sheet may cause up to 10% loss of quality on average silo? Why compromise your silage pit, worth substantial revenue, with poor quality, non-specified and non-guaranteed silage sheets?

Zeus Epicrop understands that the key to quality silage fodder is the choice of Silage Sheet. We understand that the success of your silage fodder will be determined by the seal, resistance and flexibility of the silage sheet you choose and that a good silage sheet is recognized by the quality of its high resistance.

Epicrop Silage Sheets are a super strong protective silage sheet. They are developed in close co-operation with our end users and leading raw material suppliers. Our sheets are recognized by their high resistance, oxygen permeability, food contact suitability and ecodesign.

For that seal of strength, choose Zeus Epicrop.

  • Our silage sheets are gauge guaranteed​ (specifications labeled on each sheet)
  • Our silage sheets are made with virgin polymers​
  • Our silage sheets are made to last