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The Worlds First Fully Recyclable Disposable Coffee Cup

Published date: 18/09/2017 22:04



For years our industry has been embroiled in controversy when it comes to disposable coffee cups. Every year an estimated 500 billion disposable coffee cups make their way to either landfill or incineration.

These cups are normally a combination of paper and a plastic inner coating which makes them virtually impossible to be recycled. In fact, less than one in 400 are recycled. There are only two sites in the UK & Ireland that have the capacity to separate the plastic film from the paper and allow it to be recovered and recycled into new paper products.

In recent years there has been an increase in the use of compostable paper cups which are a great alternative to traditional cups, however, most of these compostable cups arrive at landfill where composting doesn't occur. Very few cafes or premises have compost bins and therein lies the problem. Its estimated that less than 1% of these compostable cups are actually being composted properly.

Our Solution: The LEAF CUP

After years of research and development, we've created the world's first truly recyclable disposable coffee cup.

By effectively combining a fully recyclable plastic inner with a heat absorbing fully recyclable outer paper layer, we've solved the problem of the notoriously difficult to recycle disposable cup.

Our cup utilises an "easy-tear" strip in the outer paper layer which makes it very easy for the cup user to separate the plastic and paper elements which are independently recyclable.

In tests, The Leaf Cup is every bit as effective as standard double wall cups when it comes to handling hot beverages. We've found that a separate paper cup sleeve is not required when using The Leaf Cup.


Our CEO Brian O'Sullivan has over 20 years' experience in the packaging industry. He's fully aware of the responsibility on the industry to innovate and play their part when it comes to protecting the environment. Brian has championed the development of the new fully recyclable Leaf Cup and is passionate about this cup being the solution to the problem of non-recyclable single use disposable cups.



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