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Film & Film bale wrapping systems have become more and more popular in recent years as contractors and farmers strive to create near perfect bales with as little waste as possible. Advantages include, a significantly better oxygen barrier; easy film removal; easier recycling; less waste; and enhanced silage quality.

We have been producing Powertite 1.38m x 1750m for many years now as a great alternative to standard Net Wrap. Our new Powertite 750mm x 2200 represents an evolution in our range to take advantage of the capabilities of newer balers.

Powertite is a barrel film that is made from a 7 layer technology.

As Powertite is made from the same material as Silage Wrap, no separation is required after use from your Silage Wrap. Both Silage Wrap and Powertite can be recycled together.

Why Powertite?

  • Better oxygen barrier.
  • Less waste. 50% reduction on DM losses (on an actual farm trial).
  • Easier film removal and recycling.
  • 10% denser bales.
  • 66% of the bale covered with 3 or 4 more layers of plastic.

Local agricultural Contractor Alan McGrath uses Zeus' new Powertite on his brand new Kuhn FBP 3135 Bale Pack baler here in Ireland.

Real world tried & tested.

Front Film Trial
  • Zeus Film Trial: Kuhn FBP 3135 
  • Front Film Trialed: Zeus Powertite 2200
  • Contractor: Jim Ryan Clerihan Co. Tipperary, Ireland 
  • Operator: Josh Fortune 
  • Trial Date: 16/05/2019
Powertite 2
Zeus Powertite Trial Reels.
powertite 4
Easily mounted on the Kuhn FBP 3135.
powertite 5
3 Layers applied in the chamber.
powertite 6
No breakages or down time on reels.
powertite 8
On the wrapping table.
powertite 9
A perfect bale every time.


Zeus Powertite ran for 223 Bales for 2 Trial reels supplied, the standard bale wrap being used achieved 120 bales for 2 reels. The Machine operator, Josh Fortune said that the Zeus Powertite reels ran for all 223 Bales without breaking with no issues at all. Both ran right down to the core.