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ZeusPack offers a wide range of high quality tapes with a combination of films and adhesives for a variety of applications. Stockists of Olympia and 3M Scotch, we offer a complete range of polypropylene, PVC, reinforcement and cover tapes, which are produced at the highest level.

We understand the importance of adhesive tapes in the packaging industry and are committed to providing the exact solution for all your gluing problems. Thanks to our strategic partnership with major global manufacturers, we can supply a wide range of technical specialty belts for every requirement.

Our Packing Consultants will be pleased to advise you about the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your company. With a wide range of available solutions, we ensure that performance is optimized and the price minimized.

We can print up to 6 colors on a variety of ribbons. Brand-promoting security for your products is a cost-effective way to improve the presentation and improve the awareness of your business.