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Bale Wrap

Our bale wraps are the strongest on the market and are made to preserve. Their multi-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials and optimised additive distribution in every layer, thus increasing film physical and mechanical properties.

Plastics Extrusion

Plastics extrusion is a high volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile. One of the most common methods of film manufacture is Blown Film Extrusion. The process involves extrusion of a plastic through a circular die, followed by ‘bubble-like’ expansion. The principal advantage of manufacturing film by this process is stronger puncture resistance.


Our agricultural film is manufactured by five and seven multi-layer co-extrusion lines while single-layer and three-layer film production is increasingly intended for a limited and low target market.

Blown-Film Extrusion

The volume and pressure of air “blown” into the tube causes the material to stretch, thereby determining the overall size of the bubble and the width of the finished sheet.

This same action, in conjunction with the rate at which the bubble is being pulled upward away from the die, determines the thickness of the finished film.

The bubble begins the air-cooling process while traveling up to the nip rollers.